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Teamspeak Server
Status updated Jan 1, 70
Teamspeak Server
Account unsynced - Une one of the following options to sync your site account with your TS3 account:
Option 1 - Click Connect
Connect to Server
Option 2 - Use Privilege Key
If you already have an account on the TS3 server then connect & input this key in Permissions > Use Privilege Key.

Minecraft 1.9

After some time scheer and myself finally sat down and updated the server to 1.9. We encountered a big glitch when we first converted over to 1.9, The graphics would glitch out and it would pretty much be a seizure inducing mess. We found the way to fix this is to go under your video settings and enable "use vbos".

With 1.9 came many broken plugins, we are aware of most of them. Please post in the forums any problems you are having with plugins or 1.9 in general and we will try and get to them.

Broken plugins:

  • Adminfun
  • Votifier (This means you will not be rewarded for your votes)
  • Crates
  • Echopet
  • Parachutes
  • Scheduled Announcer
  • Lottery
  • Bookshelves
  • Opme

I am aware a bunch of these plugins are donator related and i apologize for that. Some of them will be updated once the creator updates it, Others we may not see around anymore for they are inactive.

Thanks for the patience, Have fun,


Server Update 3/1/16

(Its about damn time)

First off i would like to say a very late Happy new year to everybody. I cannot speak for scheer, but i myself have been very busy lately hence the lack of server updates as promised. Thanks to everybody for being patient. I will be adding more to the server eventually when i get the time. This will include some new plugins, donation tiers, and more store items. I cannot make any promises on when i will get around to adding these things, but they are on my list of to do's.

I want to start this update off with a look back at 2015. Over the past year i have taken tons of screenshots and i would like to share them with everybody! 

Minecraft 1.9

As everyone knows minecraft 1.9 is now out. I know everybody is very anxious to play on 1.9 and we will update it as soon as possible. Please do not pester myself or scheer about it, doing so will not speed up the process and will probably only irritate us. It will be updated as soon as possible be patient!

Vote For Keys!

A project i had started a very long time ago is finally ready to roll out, Voting for keys! This plugin will allow you to vote on our server website which in turn will give you keys that can be used on the 3 different chests at spawn to give you rewards for voting!

This is one of the most time consuming plugins ive ever worked on, It requires an extreme amount of thought and is fully customizable. So yes, while i am lazy, it did take a TON of thought on what to reward with each chest. This plugin was no walk in the park, so to everyone angry at the length of time it took to set up, It was with good reason it took so long.

Upon voting for 5 sites you will receive 1 basic key, this allows you to gain up to 2 basic keys a day. There are a total of 3 different chests so there are 3 different keys.

Basic Key

Advanced Key

Superior Key

Keys can be upgraded by speaking to the Keymaster at spawn. It takes 5 basic keys to make an advanced key and 5 advanced keys to make a superior key.

You can view the sweet loot that is up for grabs by left clicking any of the chests.

Once you are ready to use your keys, just select the key and right click the corresponding chest with it. A window will open up and you will receive your prize! Good luck and have fun!

More to come in the near far future ;) Thanks everyone and have fun!

[VIP] STVRaptor 2015... When we didn't have all the players in the world... But I'd love to see it again. I miss the old serve...
[OP] ThomasSkeggs a Mike loves me... I'm sorry everybody
[Trust] AlexzTMM Awesome slidey thingy